Improving Organization

High-density storage improves organization to shorten response times, streamline processes, protect stored items, and even increase revenue. We’ve helped a wide variety of businesses and other institutions improve organization and efficiency, and a few of their stories are below.

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Better Organization Shortens Response Times

Time is money, and well-organized storage helps save both.

This banquet facility was using traditional warehouse racking to store tables, decor, cleaning supplies, and other items. The storage areas were cramped and ineffective: bins and tables were stacked on top of each other, meaning that staff had to move things multiple times to find what they needed.

When a new general manager joined the staff, he resolved to put the empty space in the aisles between the racking to good use. By installing the property’s existing shelving units and racking on carriages that move along rails installed in the floor, he knew that an ActivRAC system would eliminate wasted space in the aisles. The staff could easily open dynamic aisles at the point of need, making retrieval fast and efficient.

Now retrieval is safer and more efficient. Staff don’t have to hunt for items or move things to retrieve the items they need. The ActivRAC worked so well — and the staff liked it so much — that he had another installed. And another. The facility now has five ActivRAC systems, with plans to install more when a new building is added to the site.

Better Organization Improves Efficiency

We specialize in helping reduce the number of “touches” needed to access inventory.

This U.S. Air Force base is home to a modification program for an aircraft model that has been in service for more than 50 years. The facility stores and provides access to numerous wooden crates filled with expensive replacement parts for the aircraft being modified. The warehouse crew needs to move an average of 18 crates into and out of the storage area each week to support the production line.

The crates were simply set on the floor of the warehouse, which made them difficult to find and retrieve. If a crate was located in the back of a set, three forklift drivers needed 45 minutes or more to move crates around to retrieve the needed crate. This labor-intensive retrieval system consumed 42 man-hours per week and delayed the production line.

In order to save time, save space, and improve efficiency, a Spacesaver ActivRAC 16 storage system was installed in the storage area. The system moves on rails, eliminating wasted aisle space and simplifying retrieval. One person can now retrieve a crate in less than five minutes, and the system is projected to save almost $40,000 per year.


Reducing Labor Hours


Per Year

This high-density storage system dramatically improved efficiency at a U.S. Air Force base, reducing labor hours by 97 percent and saving the facility a projected $40,000 per year.

Better Organization Protects Museum Collections

Disorganization can lead to loss or damage. From museums to police stations, we help ensure that stored items are organized and accounted for.

This university museum is one of the oldest in the West, and over the years its pottery and basketry collections had been stored in various areas on campus. It was time-consuming for staff and researchers to find objects, and they needed to consolidate storage space to improve organization and access.

A grant and generous contributions provided funds for the construction of a new state-of-the-art conservation lab, stunning gallery spaces, and unique vaults that allow museum visitors to view the collection. Staff worked with the local Spacesaver consultant to design the vault concept, which is an innovative way to organize and protect the institution’s collections while also promoting visibility. The collections are stored on Spacesaver compactors that are fitted with special end panels that allow display pieces to be viewed from the gallery.

In addition to making more of the collection visible to the public, this improved organizational system has allowed staff to better control temperature and humidity in the collections storage area. The system also provides appropriate security and seclusion for culturally sensitive items.

Better Organization Increases Revenue

From labs to warehouses, faster retrieval times and more capacity result in more revenue.

This pathology lab originally used refrigerators to store blood samples for testing, but the facility began to run out of room. Not wanting its storage capacity to limit how many tests it could perform, the firm invested in a large walk-in refrigerator and stocked it with wire carts to hold test tubes and vials. The carts were troublesome, though, because staff had to move multiple carts to reach the vials they needed. This was frustrating and time-consuming for the staff.

As the facility’s daily volume of specimens continued to grow, the walk-in cooler became increasingly difficult to use. The facility’s leadership team decided to completely rethink their storage system and they invited bids for a solution.

pathology lab


compact organizatinal storage


The team evaluated the bids and decided that installing a high-density storage system from Spacesaver in the walk-in cooler was the best option. The Spacesaver system increased storage capacity by 130 percent and dramatically reduced response times. An increase in capacity, paired with faster retrievals, led to a dramatic increase in revenue.

The lab currently processes more than 17,000 samples in a 24-hour period. Now that the staff is working in a well-organized system, they can find every sample and pull it quickly, which enables them to do more retrievals in a shorter amount of time. This not only impacts the bottom line but also pleases doctors and patients, who can get their test results faster.

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