Room to Grow with Mobile Storage

Clients often come to us because they need more space, but building an addition to their existing facility isn’t feasible. By mounting shelving units on high-density storage systems, we help clients free up space for more work areas, more collaborative environments, or more patient care areas.

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More Work Space

Don’t let a lack of space hold you back. Smart storage solutions can free up floor space for new revenue streams and new ways to be productive.

compact business storage
As businesses grow, they often need to accommodate more employees. This business consolidated printed materials and promotional items on high-density shelving, which allowed them to convert the open space to new offices.

history museum archive storage
Museums and libraries need room to intake and process materials, but they also need space to store growing collections. This museum used high-density shelving to free up space for a large work area that doubles as a group meeting spot.

expand library space shelving
As libraries change to support their patrons’ interests in technology, demand has increased for more open and creative work areas. This library used high-density shelving to create room for a makerspace.

More Space to Collaborate

Law libraries still need to store printed reference materials, and they also need to provide meeting rooms and other spaces for collaborative work. High-density shelving consolidated books and opened up space for private meeting rooms at this law library.

mobile shelving for compact free up workspace

sterile storage healthcare military

More Patient Care Areas

At hospitals and other health care facilities, any square footage that’s used as storage is space that could be used to care for patients. At this hospital, surgical kits and other medical supplies were consolidated on high-density shelving to create more space in the adjoining areas for patient care.

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Need more space?

You might have more options than you think! Contact us for creative ideas on how to make the most of your existing building.

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