How to Purchase Products at the Best Price to the Government

Rapid, innovative & cost-effective acquisition strategies for Spacesaver products.

Navigating the rules and processes for purchasing equipment and goods in the military can feel a bit overwhelming. We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to get the goods you want and need with less hassle. Let us show you these four procurement options.


Existing COTS IDIQ's

Using existing FAR and DFAR compliant commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) indefinitely delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ’s) contract vehicles is the most effective acquisition strategy for military personnel looking to purchase Spacesaver. Using existing DOD-approved COTS IDIQ’s, such as the various Tailored Logistics Support Programs (TLSP) managed by DLA, rewards the purchaser for spending the time to find the highest quality products for their facility. Some of the TLSP’s include Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), Special Operations Equipment (SOE), Fire and Emergency Services and Equipment (FESE), and Ability One Base Supply Centers (ABOBSC).

Additionally, these procurement mechanisms do not require an end-user’s financial points-of-contact (FOPOC) to go through base contracting, unlike most other purchasing routes. Using this process, the purchaser will get the exact item required and the best value price to the government. Furthermore, the control of the purchase is entirely in the hands of the end-user and/or their FOPOC and no outside personnel will guide the purchase toward a cheaper, lower quality product. So, when Spacesaver’s Rapid Readiness Box, UWR, Mobility Crate, High-Density Mobile Storage solution is exactly what is needed to execute your mission, you know it is Spacesaver product you will be getting – and fast. For example, the TLSP SOE contract scope, from order request submission until obligated funds, the process averages 15 business days.

Another bonus of using the DLA contract program is that orders are processed using Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIRP) or Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP). Due to this, your funding does not get tied to the transaction until the final price is agreed upon so your order can be submitted without any obligation to spend. Lastly, these funds are transferred directly to DLA and not to any specific commercial vendor.

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For more information on DLA TLS contracts contact us or read this article from our partner ADS.

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General Service Administration (GSA)

Government agencies, like The Department of Defense (DOD), often turn to GSA for a slightly more convenient bidding and purchasing method than open-market. However, this avenue also puts more control of what a customer will receive from this bidding process versus the end-user being the cornerstone of the requirement and transaction. When not being able to use an existing COTS IDIQ, GSA is a good second or tertiary procurement option. This is due to the fact that often only GSA contract holders can respond to these RFQ’s, thus eliminating unwelcomed, inexperienced competition. GSA also offers value to end users when looking for Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) pricing in the industry on certain products, as items on GSA go through a vetted “fair-and-reasonable” supplier product pricing exercise by a GSA contracting officer.


National Stock Number (NSN)

Using NSN is a common and favorable option for military purchasing because it typically puts the control in the hands of the end-user. This is also not a sophisticated procurement process making it an attractive route. Unfortunately, the exact product that is desired is often not what ends up getting purchased. While using NSN, shipping information on the product is scarce which, often causes uncertainty in the end-user. NSN’s are also great for sustaining a product and/or program.

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Universal Weapon Racks (UWR)

Download our UWR Catalog NSN Kits for details on sizes and supports to transport your weapons securely.


Open Market

If acquiring Spacesaver is the main goal, this will not be the best path for an end-user to purchase. Using a full and open contracting method allows an overboard of competition. Public bid boards will frequently lead to Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable (LTPA) awards made. Open Market is under the full control of contracting officers so they will purchase the cheaper option, creating the highest rate of customer dissatisfaction.

Military Deployment Solutions

To learn more about Spacesaver products and how MOTUS can help you be ready and secure by utilizing, COTS IDIQ’s and other procurement vehicles, contact us.

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