Museum Storage in Plain Sight

Museum collection shelving that you will want to show off.

This state museum has designed an innovative way to save space, improve accessibility to its pottery and basketry collections, and allow visibility into the collections from public gallery spaces.

Museum Compactors

The collections are stored on Spacesaver compact mobile shelving units, also called compactors, that are fitted with special end panels that allow display pieces to be viewed from the galleries.

In addition to making more of the collection visible to the public, this arrangement allows staff better control of temperature and humidity in the storage areas and provides additional security for culturally sensitive items.

compact storage museum gallery compactor

climate controlled compact storage museum

Out of the Box Storage

The Pottery Vault is currently visible from the pottery exhibit space, and the basketry vault will also be visible when the basketry exhibit space is completed.

Compact Mobile Shelving

The shelving units move smoothly along rails installed in the floor. Vibration-minimizing rails and carriages provide protection for the collection while eliminating wasted space in the aisles.

museum storage compactor spacesaver

Space is optimized with compact shelving, and overhead lights illuminate only when an aisle is opened. This limits the collection’s exposure to light.

museum storage shelving spacesaver shelving

This close-up view shows the small rails that were installed along the edge of each shelf to prevent slippage.

museum gallery visible collections trend design ideas

Creative shelving design allows the collection to be seen from the pottery gallery.

“Allowing people to understand the breadth and depth of a collection is inspiring. The fact that we could get all of it in here is just awesome.”

- Museum Conservator

Connect with the Collection Experts

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