Steel Museum Cases

Versatility Built In

Versatile, reconfigurable cabinets helped bring this museum’s collections out into public view.

The Challenge: Storing, Protecting, and Displaying Collections

The leadership team at a mid-sized museum recently embarked on an ambitious exhibit design effort. They wanted to allow the public to see and appreciate more of the museum’s collections, so they decided to start bringing more items out of the secure, private collections storage area and out into public view.

That strategy posed a problem, though: how would they protect collections from fluctuations in heat and humidity, pests, dust, curious museum-goers, and other agents of deterioration?

illuminated museum display cabinet

They needed museum cases that could:

Lock to secure objects in public exhibit areas.

Allow patrons to see more of the collections.

Be reconfigurable to accommodate new items and exhibits.

Protect collections from pests and other agents of deterioration.

Be relocated if needed.

The Solution: Illuminated Museum Cabinets

Museum staff chose illuminated Spacesaver’s Viking Preservation Cabinets 920 Series to store military uniforms and weapons. The steel museum cases offer the high-quality, museum grade protection that Spacesaver is known for, as well as the versatility that staff needed in the exhibit space. The cases’ interiors can be reconfigured in the future to display different objects, and the frames can be bolted together or mounted on high-density mobile systems to gain storage capacity in the future. The cabinets lock to ensure security in the public exhibit rooms.

The LED lighting was provided by Spacesaver at the client-specified temperature of 2700K. Because LED lights have no UV or heat output, they don’t damage collections like daylight or incandescent light does.

museum cabinets flexible exhibit storage

download preservation 920 cabinet

Versatility Built In

How to choose the best steel museum cases

When choosing museum cases for collections storage and display, you need secure, high-quality cabinets that are versatile enough to change right along with your collections. Want to get all the info you need to evaluate and compare different museum cases? Download our Spacesaver Preservation Cabinet 920 Series brochure and discover “versatility built in!”

hanging drawer museum cabinet

The Result: Versatile Storage as Display

The new cabinets offer optimal protection for collections, as well as total versatility for the future.

The Spacesaver steel museum cases:

  • Protect collections
  • Provide visibility
  • Can be reconfigured to display different items
  • Can be moved and/or mounted on compactors in the future

Connect with the Experts in Museum Storage & Display

Is your museum ready to invest in visible storage? Contact us for expert design assistance and product information. Our Spacesaver steel museum cases are durable and secure, with built-in versatility to grow and change with your collections and exhibit design.

As the only authorized Spacesaver distributorship in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, we’re here to help design the perfect museum cabinets for your storage and exhibit areas. It’s easy to set up a free, no-obligation consultation, so connect with us today!

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